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Market analysis

The company presently has subsidiaries across many nations of the world including manufacturing units that help it to make it one of the best known brands in its category (Nintendo, “Company History”).
In order to analyze the business strategies of Nintendo it is very important to analyze its elements of marketing mix. The elements of marketing mix for product category firms like Nintendo include the aspects of Product, Price, Place and Promotions.
The new Wii product launched by Nintendo has somewhat helped generate profit margins for the company since the failure of game cube. The company faced stiff competition from competitors like Sony and X Box who used flashy designs and fast technology to generate innovations. Nintendo however did not follow the same strategy; instead it chose to maintain its focus on gaming consoles. The main reason behind this aspect of strategy was to create a distinction between Wii and the other consoles available in the market and follow a differentiation strategy. The company is of the view that this differentiation strategy would help generate a distinct identity and a unique positioning of the brand in the minds of the target market audience. The company also thinks that blindly following their competitor’s moves would not help in the long run as Nintendo is of the opinion that fast technology based innovations are likely to have a fad effect and tend to dissolve very quickly. Nintendo is of the faith that a firm using such core competence has to constantly upgrade their innovations and that their positioning in the minds of the customers can easily change considering the fact that their demands are constantly fluctuating. Instead of giving fast technologies the company would emphasize on providing greater values to its customers. One of the essential features of the Wii is its small size that makes it easier to carry and use. The company is of the faith that this would provide greater ...
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The present study would analyze the case of Nintendo Corporation and analyze its elements of marketing mix. Nintendo is a Japanese game console…
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