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Nintendo Wii for Women in the UAE Name Instructor Class 5 January 2012 Executive summary Nintendo's American market is already saturated. Nintendo Wii should find a new market and this paper presents a marketing plan for introducing Nintendo Wii to women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Distribution will be done through direct selling and kiosks. Products will also be sold in malls and toy centers. It will be priced competitively with different payment terms. The promotion is positioned to be clean and lean fun: “C-Lean Fun!” The targeted values are health and beauty, with an understanding for the conservative side of the Emiratis. The “clean” adjective also appeals to the “clean” or conservative fun that playing indoors can offer to women. Fun also means “we” are having fun, or women are having fun with their loved ones, since Wii can be played with other family members and friends. These are integrated measures to sell a cross-cultural product to Emirati women and other women in the UAE. Wii is “We,” a fun way indeed of being healthier and still being a part of one's family and society. INTRODUCTION Nintendo Wii and DS are the company's blockbuster products in the beginning of the twenty-first century. In 2006, Nintendo's revenues are $5 billion, but a year after that, it jumped to $9 billion, a rise of 80% (Businessweek 2009). From 2006 to 2009, revenues have risen from $5 billion to $18 billion, which means that sales increased by 260% (Businessweek 2009). For the past two years, however, sales are dipping as Wii, DS, and Dsi are approaching market saturation in the United States (Dobra 2009). ...
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