Comparing Two Similar Businesses

Comparing Two Similar Businesses Assignment example
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Comparing Two Similar Businesses Name of Student Name of Institute Date of Submission Borders Group, Inc. a public owned retail book store was the nation's second largest retailer of books, music, and other educational, informational, and entertainment products.


With the passage of time, it grows from just a book store to a super store that offers its customers a relaxing and comfortable environment to linger, and also provides ubiquitous espresso bars. The Borders Group expanded internationally beginning with a store in Singapore 1997, and then eventually expanded to more than 40 stores in Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand (, 2011). With the advent of information era, things changes globally; it’s the era of internet. Many new companies emerge on the face of internet, offering products at competitive prices; present a threat to brick and mortar store. So borders recognize the need of the hour that they could not survive by just being a brick-mortar company, hence they created their online presence in 1998 (Reuters, 2011). is an American based e-commerce company that was pioneer in online business. The company is based in Seattle, Washington and was founded by Jeff Bezo in 1994 (web hosting, 2011). The primary focus of the company is to become a leader in online bookstore and to achieve this goal, the company offers a very different experience from a regular bookstore; it allows book writers to write book reviews about their books, which greatly adds to Amazon success. ...
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