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Marketing Module 2 Case Study Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Marketing Module 2 Case Study Internal Memorandum From: Product Manager To: VP of Marketing Date: 28 October 2011 Subject: Choice of Brand Strategy for Metroville Cars In the modern era, marketing has turned into a strange mix of advertising, branding and pushing sales of a product or service.


Lately we have seen that brand strategy and brand identity is playing a very important role in marketing and selling products. You would be amazed to know that even in a recession, branded goods are doing more sales than generic or unbranded goods. History records that it was K-Mart who was the first retailer than asked Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels fame to endorse a brand (Anonymous, 2007). From then on, brand marketing has exploded and today there are celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Tiger Woods, David Beckham and others who have not only endorsed brands but also created some of their own. A variety of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, the Kardashian sisters and Kanye West are also going into the retail clothing business and adding their own names and logos to these products. The reason is simply that people want to identify with these celebrities and buying their brands makes the consumer feel closer to these personalities- it’s a psychological and emotional bonding of sorts. Branding thus is the best strategy to follow and I propose that we brand the Metroville by using a deer as a logo. ...
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