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159). The primary sources of information are indispensable and contain first-hand accounts or direct proof concerning a topic under investigation. They are created by recorders or witnesses who experienced the events documented, unfold real time. These sources are often created at the time the conditions or events are taking place. Primary sources could still include memoirs, autobiographies and oral histories recorded at later dates. These sources are categorized by content regardless of whether they are available in published format, original format or digital format. Primary sources include intellectual property, for example, novels, paintings and music recordings. Secondary sources of information are sources written, giving an account about primary information sources. They interpret, analyze and discuss information about a principal source. If a newspaper editor wrote about a speech a historical leader, such as, Winston Churchill gave in 1939 that would be a secondary source. The information disseminated by a secondary source is not original but a direct report. Secondary materials take information from a group or an individual and analyze the topic. These sources include reference materials, magazines, videotapes, journal articles, encyclopedias, etc. Tertiary sources provide a general summary of a subject or topic by combining information gathered from other sources. ...
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Strategy Process in Action: Student Information is data that comes into existence from secondary or primary source. Anything that provides knowledge to a person or informs is an information source. These sources may be people, speeches, documents, pictures, organizations, observations etc…
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