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Ontela PikDeck Case Analysis Type your name here Executive Summary Ontela is technology based start-up that was under the process of offering its first product, PicDeck. PicDeck was a technology service that allows subscribers of wireless to effortlessly transfer their photos from their mobile to their computers, email inbox, and other networking devices and services.


Ontela was expecting that once customers started using their PicDeck service to transfer photos from their mobile devices to their computers, emails, etc. it would eventually increase the use of the wireless carrier services. Ontela’s direct customers are the wireless service providers who would market the service to its wireless subscribers. Ontela would receive a portion of the subscription fee that the subscribers pay to the wireless carriers. Now, Ontela needs to find a customer segment to position its service offering accordingly so that they can satisfy the value proposition of the Wireless Carriers who in turn can satisfy their end customers. The case identifies three basic customer segments through a qualitative review, the parent, the professional, and the teen. The finding from the qualitative research and an in-depth Cluster analysis reveal that initially choosing the professional segment aged in the mid twenties is the most feasible option both revenue and growth wire. Although, the other two options are also feasible but the company can choose to move on those segments once it has saturated the professional segment. ...
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