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Management Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: The discussion below is about one of the most prestigious and well organized United Kingdom charity organization known as Wellcome Trust. The charity organization is based in London where it was created in 1936.


The organization supports researchers from institutions and universities in UK and overseas who are conducting research on health and disease genetic variation by providing them with grants to facilitate their research. One of the objectives of the charity organization mentioned above is that it strives to nurture and improve creativity and innovation through backing up and supporting initiatives that are ambitious in order to come up with research of the highest quality. This will therefore ensure that only the best researchers in the field of biomedical research who have ambition to eliminate the challenges in their fields of practice are chosen by the organization. The final results of the organization after analysis of their products will be nothing but the very best. Wellcome Trust aims to explore medicine in not only a historical but also a cultural perspective. This therefore ensures that there will be no impartiality or discrimination of any sort as people aspiring to be researchers in any part of the world get funding to carry out the research. Wellcome Trusts aims to ensure that time and culture are not left aside or assumed where biomedical research is involved. The other aim of the charity organization is to accelerate application of research in biomedical field where the health of animals and human beings are the main concern. ...
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