Customer and Buyer Behaviour

Customer and Buyer Behaviour  Essay example
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Vans, Inc.: A Company Analysis Question 1 Paul Van Doren, pioneer of Vans, Inc., started manufacturing shoes on the East Coast in the early 1960s. While other companies rely heavily on retailers to distribute the goods, Doren focused on direct selling (, 2002), and marketed the brand personally to the public.


Apparently, the customer traits at the time are not so different from those of today—customers are driven by the band wagon, and their demand for a product plummets as the craze expires. Vans associated closely to the sport, customized shoes according to customer preferences and recommendations by professional skateboarders. The company was hailed the “skateboard shoe of choice”, and remained profitable despite the competition and all efforts of the authorities to prohibit the sport (, 2002). Vans customers were offered flexibility, affordability, and durability; these value propositions also served as the company’s competitive advantage. It added more styles, colors, and designs that satisfied more customers in the year that followed. The slip-on “was introduced in 1979, and it became the rage of southern California” (, 2002) Unfortunately, on account of related accidents, the sport was viewed as illegal, and further anti-skateboarding regulations were put into effect that somehow may have affected the sales. Question 2 Trends surface and die out at a fast pace. When companies are inflexible to changes, their downfall is imminent. Vans, Inc. survived the blows, and over time has developed strategies to cater to the changing needs of its customers. ...
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