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Thesis example - Marketing And Social Network

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The aim of this study is to determine the relationship of marketing, or in specific, viral marketing and social networks with each other with the help of a sound theoretical framework. The framework thus developed managed to form a study that points out dimensions that ensure a testable hypothesis…

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This report approves that the social network, thus use the viral marketing to point out that important common factor between individuals that would bring them together. This move will thus allow these social networks to gather more and more individuals with various common interests and thus increasing the usage of the sites so that the survival graph stays high.
This paper makes a conclusion that viral marketing and social networking are two terms which go side by side these days as the existence of one without each other is very difficult. Their collaboration in a smooth and steady ways is very beneficial and it is a great source of earning revenue as the economic conditions of the business world is collapsing all over. The two entities evolved with each other and they have created a revolution in the technological and economic world and cannot survive without each other. The field of viral marketing and social networking is a very dynamic field. It has many more novelties and better ways of achieving success to see in the coming years.If they remain on the same track then, further horizons will be opened for them in future years but the privacy of users and their trust should be valued more than anything. If people had not been so socially close to each other by social networking sites etc they would not have any means to enjoy and experience new launches in a comfortable way and to be able to share them quickly with other people of the same interests. Viral marketing has acted out as a tool that has provided a platform where entertainment interaction and marketing are collaborated in a fascinating manner. ...
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