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Financial Services Marketing Table of Contents 2 1.0. Promotional Elements 3 1.1.Personal Selling 3 1.2.Advertising 4 1.3.Public Relations 4 5 2.0. New Product Development 5 References 7 1.0. Promotional Elements The promotional elements used in the marketing of financial services are advertising, promotion of sales, customer relations, personal selling, and communication through the websites (Ennew & Waite, 2007).


These unique natures of financial services are owing to the fact that they do not possess physical form and they cannot be stocked up and instead have to be created and used simultaneously. 1.1. Personal Selling Similar to majority of the banks, personal selling is the most preferred approach exercised by the Citibank. Personal selling at the Citibank takes place in two different ways. In the first approach, the client and the bank professionals interact with each other in person at the branch offices of Citibank. In the second approach, the client representatives visit the client’s home or office. Such representatives are specialized officials who are trained adequately about all the services that Citibank offers (Citibank, 2011). The client representatives play an active role in the formation of the association between the Citibank and its clients. 1.2. ...
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