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Leadership: Assessing the leadership at BMW

The paper throws light on the leadership. Leadership is not about being in charge and barking orders. Most anyone can be placed at the head of a group and function at a basic level. True leadership comes from knowing the expectations of both the group and of the work from the group and being able to inspire, motivate, and manipulate the members to behave in such a way as to achieve at their highest possible level. Leadership is not about being in charge, it is about leading the group towards a goal or set of goals and knowing how to get the best possible result from those efforts. Leading is about knowing the needs of both the group and the intended beneficiary of the product from that group, and bringing those concepts together to create something. Joachim Milberg was not on a fast track towards a high level position, but this professor of Engineering ended up running BMW as their CEO when he attained the position in his late 50s. In 1999 he was promoted to CEO most likely because of disagreements by the board on how to proceed forward. Wolfgang Reitzle was clear on his beliefs that the company needed to scale back, his first real action most likely to close down the Longbridge operation in favour of the West Midlands facility. The BBC News reported that the union saw him as a “safe pair of hands”. They also reported that Professor Milberg was respected with a pragmatic nature that could focus on goals without being extreme in his actions. ...
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The following paper will examine the way in which BMW has utilized different forms of leadership theories in relationship with how they have conducted business. An examination of BMW CEO Joachim Milburg will reveal different aspects of his leadership style. …
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