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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course (24, 10, 2011) Sleepy Inn Motel Eng Huang’s Sleepy Inn Motel is not doing very well and it is mainly because of his business strategy. The motel is not offering the services that travelers demand.


This is a mistake because guests should be getting breakfast in their rooms. The results of the study have also not been taken seriously by Huang which is giving great insight about the visitors. Lack of marketing is one of the biggest shortcomings in the strategy of Sleepy Inn Motel. Signs and Brochures are not nearly enough and more should be done in this regard. Below we will step by step evaluate the present strategy of Huang and will suggest what should be done. In the end the decision Huang should take will be given based upon our discussion. Firstly Sleep Inn Motel should look closely to the research findings given by regional tourist bureau. The low cost approach of Sleepy Inn Motel is the main problem. The findings clearly state that only 13 percent of the visitors have family income of less than $27,000 per year. This makes perfect sense because if a family is earning less than $2250 a month then probably they will be looking for a new job rather than a vacation. The low cost approach of Sleepy Inn Motel is not working because customers do not want lower costs only. They also demand services which the motel is not providing. People who come on vacations want to enjoy and have fun. They may be price conscious but still they want to enjoy. A motel that is offering basic services and no food, except breakfast, is not something people would want. ...
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