Critical evaluation of an academic research article

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Critical Evaluation Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name (25, October, 2011) Introduction Marketing has always been criticized for one reason or another. Some regard it as a waste of resource. Others censure the manipulation that marketing practices cause.


The article provides a comprehensive ethical analysis through different ethical theories of product placement. An attempt has been made, throughout the article, to identify whether product placement overall is a deceptive practice or not. In this paper we will critically evaluate the research article. The key arguments of the article will be discussed and logic of arguments will be examined. Critical Analysis The article starts with an introduction of the topic in general. The introduction is very well written with the help of previous literature. No major claims are made rather readers are informed regarding the main subject of the article. Overall the article seems to be written in a logical flow with each section placed in the right order. Introduction is strong and everything said in the introduction is substantiated with existing literature. Product placement is a practice of placing a brand or a product in the scene or script of news and entertainment. Product placement has been seen in the Hollywood movies for a long time (Fristoe, 2005). The article is trying to evaluate whether this type of marketing is ethical or not. Implicit product placement has also been discussed in the article. The legal status of product placement is also discussed. ...
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