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Case Analysis - Is there a Hybrid Automobile in your Future? - Essay Example

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Case analysis - Is there a hybrid automobile in your future? Introduction The search for energy efficient and perpetual motion machines has been an ongoing effort of the world’s best engineers and innovations keep cropping up now and then which revolutionize technologies of the future…

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Case Analysis - Is there a Hybrid Automobile in your Future?

As automobiles cannot be done without in modern life, the natural choice would be to design and build vehicles which could run on some miraculous, alternative, non polluting fuel with minimal or zero emission. Such miraculous discovery, if possible, could kill two birds with one stone. Hybrid cars are a venture in this direction. As it is not possible to build an automobile which could run solely on electric, solar or any other source of power immediately, as it would put tremendous strain on research, development and financial resources, the availability of hybrid cars is a welcome transitory stage into the future. After the successful launch of the Prius model by Toyota, many other automobile giants have leapt into the fray of manufacturing hybrid cars for the future. To be successful in the market, a hybrid car has to appeal to the general public in terms of cost of ownership as well as performance. 2. Key Problems To be successful in the market, a hybrid car has to appeal to the general public in terms of cost of ownership as well as performance. ...
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