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Executive Summary Nokia is one of the largest companies in the telecommunication industry in the world. In 2000, it has reached total sales of around $28 billion. It is considered to have the largest chunk of market share as compared to its competitors. Being in a strong leadership position, the company has reached its maturity stage.


In the midst of this havoc, it would be interesting to see how Nokia manages to retain its customers and maintains its brand loyalty. These two factors have always been the driving factors behind the peak sales of Nokia. China has now become the centre of attention for many companies because of its large population. Like many other companies, Nokia is also planning to enter the Chinese market in order to cater the large masses of population with its telecommunication products. The company has to develop an extensive marketing plan, in order to ensure that the decision of entering new market like china is not wrong. In this marketing audit report, introduction of Nokia, products offered by the company, its competitors, customers, marketing mix and marketing strategies are discussed in a detailed manner. Introduction of the Company Nokia is a multinational corporation, having focused on wireless and wired telecommunications. It owns the largest market share in cellular industry with about 38% of market share in 2007. All over the world, Nokia is famous because of its successful cellular manufacturing services. The bases of its success in cellular industry are its scientific marketing, technological advancements and ample experience. The idea of Nokia is that “Technology connects People”. This concept has been rooted in the minds of people very deeply. ...
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