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What do you Understand by Terms Marketing and Marketing Orientation - Essay Example


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What do you Understand by Terms Marketing and Marketing Orientation

According to silk(2006,pg.23) “In general terms marketing refers to what an organization must do to create and exchange value with customers”.To be successful in marketing, a deep knowledge of customers, competitors and collaborators is necessary. The central role of marketing in the enterprise stem from the fact that marketing is the process via which a firm creates value for its chosen customers. Having created the value for its customers, the firm is then entitled to capture a portion of that value through pricing. Marketing is both philosophy of business as well as business function, a state of mind concerning the optimum approach to business, and the activities whereby such ideas are translated into practice. As per Viardot ,(2004,pg 56)“Marketing means “putting on the market”. Therefore the purpose of marketing is to act in such a way that company places on the market products that correspond to demand and satisfy needs and wants of the customers at an acceptable return” For example in marketing for a hotel firm, the nature of tourist arriving to a particular city is analyzed first. According to that a survey is conducted as to the purpose of their visit .A hotel firm will design their products and services according to the needs and wants of their potential customer. ...
Marketing has different business orientation according to organizational priorities and one among them is the marketing orientation. Marketing orientation Market orientation is a set of organization – wide activities

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Moreover, it was in my personal capacities that I observed the greatest changes. I tend to move towards courses that introduce me to new concepts and force me to re-examine any old beliefs that may not be authentic. This is why the course on financial service marketing was so intellectually stimulating for me.
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Businesses Marketing
Competitive strategy employed and must be properly designed, particularly to small businesses (worldwide) attempting to capture a wider market. Kotler (2005, p.191) stated out that the central question for marketers is: 'how do consumers respond to various marketing stimuli that the company might use' Kotler (2005 shares similar ideas and states that a consumer's buying behavior is influenced by cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors.
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Construction Marketing

The paper tells that company managers and marketing professionals in the construction industry follow a different approach and set of goals, and have a different method of evaluating market orientation and company competitiveness, in general, the main objective would be to satisfy customers and this followed by all companies.

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Marketing Orientation
This has brought into focus the results of being customer oriented and the benefits a company could derive out of it. A number of methods to rate market orientation have been studied and the same has been used to identify easy rating needs of companies. Methods such as Kohli, Jaworski and Kumar (1993) orientation scale and that of Narver and Slater (1990) are quite well known.
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It has become the life blood of an organisation in terms of enabling the business to function in this extremely competitive environment of modern day world. Marketing virtually affects all areas of the organisation’s operations through a concept called
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ct choices that cannot be proved or validated” (Shamir and Eilam 2005:395)..The main focus of this report it will be seen that to what extent leadership is an “influencing’ force as Northhouse (2004) has stated that ‘Leadership is a process whereby an individual
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This study has been done, in order to identify, understand, and analyze different aspects of marketing, which plays a significant and crucial role in the success of an organization. The
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The five marketing orientation
Despite the differences among business in the global landscape the marketing profession is able to categorized firms into five categories. These categories provide a conceptual idea of what the company is dedicated too and what is its market orientation.
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Entrepreneurial Orientation and Marketing Orientation
In a study involving the interaction with a group of 153 high-tech CEOs, first surveyed in 1998 and again subsequently surveyed early in 2001, it was observed that both pro-activeness and innovativeness were weakly positively related to employment growth and innovativeness was positively related to turnover growth.
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Marketing concept and marketing orientation
For an organisation to have a marketing orientation, it means it has concentrate on delivering goods that meet the needs and wants of the target market (Almquist, 2014). This is pivotal for a
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coordinated in such a way that derives customer satisfaction through superior performance of products while still being competitive in market place. The concept of market orientation is believed to be the corner stone of marketing management because of the prevailing wisdom that having a marketing orientation is critical to superior performance and long term success in today’s highly competitive business environment. According to Singh (2004,pg 34)“Implementation of marketing concept is marketing orientation”.A Market orientation has helped companies such as the Royal Bank of Canada and South west Airlines outperform their competitors. These companies put customers at the centre of their business in ways most companies do poorly or not at all. Marketing orientation can be achieved by implementing customer orientation. For example the marketing vice President of a major airline wants to increase the airline traffic share. His strategy is to build up customer satisfaction by providing better, good, clean cabins and better trained cabin crews, yet he has no authority in this matter. The catering department chooses a food with low food cost and maintenance department chooses cleaning services of low cost and personnel department choose friendly people inclined to serve people. These actions result in low cost and better service which increases the airline traffic share. As per Loudon(2005,pg.11)“Being market oriented begins at the top of an organization with senior management” .Marketing managers must also understand the financial


Marketing helps a company in searching appropriate markets, in building and sustaining competitive advantage in those markets and, and in managing the relationship with all the important stakeholders belonging to those markets. …
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What do you Understand by Terms Marketing and Marketing Orientation essay example
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