Marketing plan for the healthcare company (nursing home service)

Marketing plan for the healthcare company (nursing home service) Assignment example
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Executive Summary  Marketing has always been the most essential functions for all types of businesses and industries including health care industry. World’s population is growing rapidly and so the number of older people. According to researches and studies, the fastest growing demographic are people aged above 80.


Old aged people have to face certain types of problems when they are at home. At this crucial stage of life, where they need support from family members, they instead become a burden and hurdle for them in their busy life. People are often busy in their education and businesses and therefore no one has enough time to spend with the senior members of their home. For this purpose, old age nursing homes are established where old aged individuals can spend the rest of their life with proper care, medication and nutrition. This report analyzes the aspects related to the marketing and promotion of old age nursing homes. The current situation of majority of old age homes has been discussed, related SWOT and PEST analysis have been presented and the appropriate implementation plan has also been mentioned. Current Problems and Situation Demographic structure has always played substantial differences among countries. Current demographic structure consists of two major categories. First is the ageing population of the countries and second is the young population of countries. Many underdeveloped and developing countries are facing issues related to the sizes of demographics in their countries. Underdeveloped and developing countries generally do not have such infrastructure. ...
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