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Research requirement Conducting a research of customers assists organizations and firms to upgrade their performance and advance their marketing tactics by comprehending issue like psychology of the way a consumer reason, analyses things, think, and preference among various alternatives such as products and services.


In this particular essay, three scholarly articles that have employed human subjects in the research will be discussed with an aim of explaining how human subjects were incorporated in the research and how human subjects provided insight on how consumers think. In the article, concerning consumer compliant behavior human subjects were used to bring out the concept of how consumers respond to products and services that do not satisfy them to their expectations. The article tries to extrapolate how employees and the management can handle negative critics given by consumers when they are not satisfied (Tronvoll, 2007). This article incorporates four narratives involving human subjects concerning the service industry in different scenarios representing various sectors. Human subject in the narratives reacts after interacting with the services and evaluating their use-in-value. According to the article, consumer-complaining behavior has been perceived as a post-purchase practice that takes place because of customers being dissatisfied (Tronvoll, 2007). ...
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