Logistics and supply chain management

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Topic: Logistics processes of Fresh Mart and Seal Honey – a comparison of vulnerability dimensions, status and SCM resilience Introduction Companies cannot perform supply chain functions independently; they depend on their suppliers and customers. There has been a trend in logistics to either pay attention to the supplier side or to the customer side for optimization of the supply chain although both aspects of supply chain management are critical to manage as both are open to competition in the marketplace.


Vulnerability of organisational logistics process and SCM resilience Analysis Vulnerability in organisational logistics processes needs to be tackled to make business functions lean, flexible and responsive. Companies are immensely dependent on each other and are vulnerable in increasingly integrated supply chains. The time and relationship dependencies are significant to manage vulnerabilities (Svensson, 2002). The time and relationship dependencies between two companies in the supply chain network can be described through the interactional model of Hakansson. Dependence of companies cannot be easily constructed until their functioning is performed to check their assumed time and relationship dependencies towards their suppliers and customers. The functionality process of the dependence construct has turned a bit with the research performed by Hammarkvist et al. (1982)) and Mattsson (2000)). There have been five dependency dimensions identified by Hammarkvist et al. (1982)), which are: 1. Technical Dependence. It happens when two companies sell compatible products and adjust their business functions with each other in technical way. ...
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