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CookieCraze will forever maintain relationships of mutual trust and integrity with all business partners and communities.
CookieCraze has over two years of experience as a home-run bakery and thus has topnotch recipes, trained chef and a niche clientele. Furthermore, CookiesCraze utilizes only the best ingredients which are requisitioned through established relationships with suppliers.
According to the US census, there has been a rise in the rate of population growth. This offers an opportunity to the business because it implies that the business is in a market with an increasing number of consumers (Kim & Renee, 2005). The increasing working population is the most important for the business because most of the working people are busy and prefer carrying food to their places of work. Since CookieCraze is involved in creating delicious baked items especially cookies, the company will record a huge success in preparing packed food for its customers.
The US has in recent years recorded high numbers in the demand for baked products especially cookies. This provides a perfect opportunity for the company to enter into a growing market and attract a sizeable number of customers. In addition, the US consumers often change their tastes and preferences. This is a threat to the business because of the high costs of making responses. Majority of US consumers believe that baked products have high sugar content also pose a threat to the business mainly because very sweet hence may impart negatively on the operations of the business. This is because our company’s products will be viewed as unhealthy (Daft & Dorothy, 2008). Consequently, this may reduce the demand because cookies are prepared from sugar products.
In recent times, the US government has liberalized trade in sugar containing products such as cookies. This is a threat to the business because it creates an influx of foreign cheap products hence hindering domestic companies such as CookieCraze ...
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CookieCraze creates delicious baked items, with specialization in cookies; the company also offers a wide variety of first-rate brownies, pastries, cakes, breads and other items. The company is a partnership owned by two friends and its first physical location is opening…
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