The advantage of Toyota energy-saving vehicle in UK market

 The advantage of Toyota energy-saving vehicle in UK market Essay example
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Student Name: XXXX Tutors Name: XXXX Subject: Toyota Case Study Date: 02/11/11 Toyota Case Study This report will give an analysis of the marketing strategy and environmental concerns associated with Toyota’s energy saving car models in the UK market. The report will firstly consider a definition of the energy saving car before going on to consider Toyota’s current marketing strategy, finally the report will consider a number of options open to Toyota in the future in order to maintain and develop a competitive advantage.


A hybrid vehicle which combines a standard internal combustion engine with battery powered technology, allowing the car to select the most efficient source of power through an onboard computer. Finally, there are cars which run entirely from an electrical source based upon current battery technologies. Toyota’s Marketing Strategy At present Toyota produces and markets two models of energy saving vehicle in the UK each of which have a slightly different marketing mix (Toyota, 2011): Toyota Prius – The Prius is Toyota’s original hybrid model and is aimed at the mid-upper end of the market for family cars. The car is marketed as product which is environmentally friendly and gives the consumer long term cost savings with low MPG consumption rate. The car is currently marketed in four specifications ranging in price from ?21,000 to ?27,000. While the performance figures for the car in terms of fuel consumption are a significant selling feature of the model and see the cost of running far lower than many other vehicles on the market. ...
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