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Marketing in Charitable Organisations Anne Edwards Course Name 10th January, 2012 Abstract There is a myriad of voluntary non-profit organizations (VNOPs) in the UK. Just like in the normal business environment, the organizations have the need to distinguish themselves in the ever competitive world.


Charities also do market themselves using planned tactics, elaborate management and positioning techniques. In order to determine how best to market a given charity, a number of factors are considered. Most are pegged on the external environmental forces, the mission that the charity chooses, the resources at the disposal of the charity, increased competition from similar and different charities and the needs of the particular stakeholders including the people who are considered as the most dominant contributors to the charity’s cause. Most of the stakeholders are oblivious of the need for charity marketing and thus managers are challenged to be continuously in sync with their needs and review the strategy regularly to ensure that they are not alienated. Introduction The last decade has seen a change in the operation of the voluntary sector in the UK. The sector is largely affected by the prevailing market forces like recessions much like in the general global economy. Thus, the structural landscape has inevitably changed and more efforts aimed at strategic positioning have been adopted. The external environment has been a major driving force in the shape and nature of the VNOPs in the UK today. ...
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