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Produce a report which critically analyses the use of different project management tools and techniques in the design, development and planning of marketing projects. Assess the information needs and resource requirements associated with the effective uti - Assignment Example

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Produce a report which critically analyses the use of different project management tools and techniques in the design, development and planning of marketing projects. Assess the information needs and resource requirements associated with the effective uti

The paper also depicts the understanding of the relevant application of the project management tools with techniques in various situations. The report identifies the information needs in the organization, scope of research and the resource capabilities focusing on the development of a business case for the support of the marketing projects. According to Kennnaugh (2010), it also involves the designing, development and the planning of substantial marketing programs with the use of project management tools and techniques. The designing effort is aimed at the effective delivery of quality marketing projects.
The range of the marketing tools and techniques is integrated in order to support the implementation and development of the marketing projects. This also entails the application of the research information for the preparation of proposals in order for the needs to be identified comprehensively in the organization. Finally, the report identifies the ideas concerning the monitoring and measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing projects outcomes via the end process of the projects and giving the relevant examples.
The organization needs information upon the focus of the marketing project proposal evaluation in order to prioritize the information in different levels of importance. According to Schmidt (2009), the information is applied in the decision making in various market conditions, competition activities, strategic management, and organization capacity. The organization also uses the information in order to manage the risk that is related in the implementation of various plans. The information is also used to facilitate the execution of various marketing strategies, which are designed to foster the process of achieving customer satisfaction in the highly competitive market.
These marketing strategies are also aimed at delivering the stakeholder value and attaining the organization set objective. According to Dow, PMP, ...
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The report seeks to elaborate on critical analyses concerning the use of various management techniques and tools in the design, planning, and development of the marketing projects. The report also focuses identifying relevant details on the assessment of the information needs of…
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