Materiality of Brands that are Iconic for Russia

Materiality of Brands that are Iconic for Russia Essay example
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Materiality of brands that are iconic for Russia Overview Materiality and iconic brands are very related and interdependent. This is to say that materiality for a certain brand may lead to that brand becoming an iconic brand (Konadu, 2009) whereas iconic brands are promoted through materiality among consumers (Gardener, 2008).


Most often than not, the stimuli behind materiality that eventually succeeds in getting people make purchase is the desire to satisfy one’s self quest in a way that he or she feels better expressed of his or her identity (Leingbridge, 2003). Iconic brand on the other hand has to do with promotion of a particular brand to reach a level that can be tagged as a brand of national popularity. Drawing the relation between materiality and iconic brand, Holt (2004) explains that “consumers flock to brands that embody the ideals they admire, brands that help them express who they want be. The most successful of these brands become iconic brands.” The Iconic Brand of Russia To a very large extent, Russia operates an open economic market in the sense that, hardly does a particular company or corporate dominate all brands of products in the country (RusMarket, 2011). Russia has different companies and corporations with different brands. There is therefore a lot of competition among brands of all kind – be they consumables, food brands or non-food brand. For any brand to be acclaimed by most of the people in Russia is therefore a great achievement. The achievement of this feat is however not an impossibility. ...
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