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Table of Contents Introduction 2 1. Tasks a. Review of the marketing mix 2 b. Discussion of the pre-launch plan. 2 c. Objectives of the marketers 2 d. Pre-launch activities pre-launch activities 3 e. Elements of the Marketing Mix being focused and missing 3 g.


a.. Discussion on which elements of the marketing mix are still being promoted 5 b. Considerations for new developments 5 4. Conclusion 6 Annexes 8 List of references 12 . An analysis of the Pre launching strategy of Cotswold Water Park Introduction. Costswold Water Park Four Pillars Hotel located near Swindon was launched in 2007and had used integrated marketing strategies in pre-launching. Purpose of this research is to analyze if marketing approaches used by the hotel sustained the success of pre-launch a. Review of the marketing mix The hotel used high level plans related to the marketing mix. Chai, Lee , (May 2009) & MacArthy( 06 Sept 2011) consider the right mix of product, pricing, place and, promotion to be assured of a pre-launching success. It is likened to baking a cake wherein there is a right proportion to come out with a desirable product. b. Discussion of the pre-launch activities. Marketing Team Direct, 2011 of the hotel first considered the creation of positioning and message statements about the hotel. Next, they applied a segmented approach wherein they set a clear target of customers to know their needs and motivations, and travel behavior in order to get an actionable picture of targeted customers. Third, they created activities to support the launch such as marketing and sales tools. ...
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