International Marketing Plan for Monmouth Coffee House

International Marketing Plan for Monmouth Coffee House Essay example
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Executive Summary Monmouth Coffee house is among the most popular coffee shops in the UK. The company is planning to extend its operations in the world market by opening a new branch in Sri Lanka. The marketing objectives of the company include developing product awareness, increasing sales by 10% and building a solid customer base within its first two years of operations.


International Marketing Plan for Monmouth Coffee House Background Monmouth Coffee House was established in 1978 in London. The Coffee house opened its doors first in Covent Garden before it opened a branch in the Borough in 2001 and later in Bermondsey. The company is among the fastest growing coffee houses in and around London. Monmouth is looking to extend its operations in the international market by setting up business in the Asian market, particularly in Sri Lanka. Colombo has been selected as the place where the company will launch its international business. Marketing Objectives 1. Develop product awareness through monthly increase of customers 2. Increase total sales by 10% every six months 3. Build customer loyalty through intensive promotion in the next 12 months Assessment of the Market Environment Monmouth will open its first coffee house in Colombo, which is the capital city of Sri Lanka. This investment decision was made after considering the geographic, legal, political, economic, natural and cultural aspects as well as the competitiveness of the potential market. Geography Formally known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is located south of India, on an Island in the Indian Ocean. ...
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