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 Marketing Communication Introduction Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a simple and modern concept used by organisations to ensure careful and effective linkage of all forms of communication. The concept of IMC enables organisation to effectively co-ordinate and integrate all of its marketing communication tools and functions into a seamless programme that promotes end user satisfaction at fairly low cost.


Since the tool of promotion plays a pivotal role in determining the sales volume of a business, IMC concept can significantly affect business profitability. This paper will discuss different aspects of integrated market communications and will provide reasons for licensing the importance of IMC perspective. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) “Integrated marketing communications is a customer centric, data driven method of communicating with consumers” (McMahon, 2007, p.269). Simply, IMC is a management process of maintaining customer relationships by way of communication efforts in order to promote brand value. Such efforts may include cross functional processes which are strategically designed to maintain profitable relationship with different stakeholder groups by effectively controlling all messages sent to them with the application of different communication tactics. The IMC techniques promote integration of different marketing operations and this process in turn affects the firm’s business to business, customer oriented, and internally directed interactions. Advertising tools, promotional tools, and integration tools are some of the major components of the IMC. ...
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