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Author’s name Professor’s name Course details Date MKT 310 MOD 2 SLP Business description Comfort Cab is a special innovative idea that has been initiated with an aim of providing cab services to the people residing in the Seattle locality. The business will grow high levels of revenue through targeting the residents in this region as well as the visitors who do not have to buy a car within their short stay period in Seattle.


For instance during the winter period, a few tourists visit this region and hence targeting these foreigners will yield minimal returns. However, this is the time to maximize our potential in introduction of the alternative side through full embarking on the cab business. This explains why we are able to dominate this market region in all the seasons. In addition, the market development is enhanced by the fact that we are customer centered and hence bring to them the most unique services. Therefore, the most important approach involves highlighting the customer unrealized and hence unfulfilled needs; an approach that has helped us to highlight the unexplored market that we can strongly be able to exploit. Competitors The cab business in Seattle is flooded with high competition based on the fact that this is a service with high demand hence attracting many investors. At the Seattle locality, the competition is strong with some of the competitors having been in the business for a long period of time. ...
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