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The company analysis for BMW: quantitative analysis approach

The researcher states that to come up with an effective and meaningful quantitative analysis report of a company, it requires one to follow a step by step procedure towards carrying out a research and obtaining the relevant data required. The first step is to develop a succinct and clear statement of the setback. The second step is developing a model which is a mathematical representation of the situation. After the model, the next step is to obtain the input data for the model. This data has to be accurate and relevant if otherwise it might lead to false results. Fourth step requires the manipulation of the model and data obtained to arrive at the best favorable solution to the stated setback. The solution has to be practical and implementable. The next step involves testing of the solution arrived at in the previous step. This step is aimed at ascertaining the accuracy and completeness of the input data used in the model. After the solution has been tested and proved to be practical, the next step requires an analysis of the results. The analysis first tests the implications resulting from the solution that is to be applied. Application and implementation of the solution to a business is bound to come with certain changes, therefore, it is necessary to find out and understand these changes before implementation. The final step is the implementation of the results. Here, the process involves incorporating the solution into the organization/firm. The solution should be able to help the company in the long by reducing its running costs and increase revenues. ...
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Based on this research the quantitative analysis approach is adopted for a number of reasons ranging from performance evaluation to valuation of financial instruments. It is also applied in predicting future financial events such as changes in share prices. …
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