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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Product and Place Products of the business refer to the physical item or service that the business would offer to the consumers. Our business identified the following products for its customer’s fruit salad, veggie mix, and pro-biotic yogurt with mixed berries, smoothies, wraps and stir-fry.


The products of our business are designed to take advantage of the bargaining power of customers. Many buyers feel that they should bargain in the market. Inclusion of wraps in the product menu is an objective of our business that aims at creating bargaining environment for the consumers. Our business intends to provide varied products for the consumers in order to create threat to substitute products in the market. Another product objective of our business is to create an avenue for potential entrant into the market. Products such as wraps would create a great potentiality for the business to enter into the market. Our business has identified the needs of various customers; this would have provided vital information in designing the product objectives. Our business products aim at providing variety of choices to the consumers. Our products will serve consumers who are jogging or walking along the streets. Our business presents five categories of products, which the customers can choose. The products would benefit the customers because our business intends to offer high quality products. For example, a customer who orders for the stir-fry may decide to take rice with veggies or noodles with sauces. ...
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