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Gone are the days when a consumer was simply satisfied with a single generic product or brand. Today’s consumers want variety, they want customization, they want a product or service that appeals to their individual needs or to the needs of their social class or age segment or even subculture.


The success of Primm Valley Casino Resorts, located at least 35 miles from its bigger cousin Las Vegas in Nevada County is proof that there is indeed truth in the value of segmentation- and that targeting the large Hispanic segment in America is a safe bet that has worked. FACTORS THAT HAVE MADE THIS STRATEGY SUCCESSFUL Primm Valley Casino Resorts is located at least 35 miles south of Las Vegas in Nevada. With this prime location within driving distance, it is surprising that Primm Valley has even managed to court business- but it has and to a substantial degree is evident from the money that is earned on busy weekends. Behind the success of Primm Valley is the concentration on the needs of the large Hispanic population that dominates this and surrounding areas. Hispanics love to travel in groups and many of these groups of friends, neighbors and relatives meet at the resorts or come together to have a chance at the tables, slot machines, dine, drink and have a good time. What greets them here is the sights and sounds of their own language and culture, as the atmosphere is full of Spanish speaking males and females having a good time. Even the waiters and bartenders are Spanish. The signs are in Spanish too, as well as the instructions on every corner. ...
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