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Marketing Communications Student Name Instructors Name Course University Date of Submission Marketing Communications The ad is of a beer brand. Guinness is the brand that is being promoted through the advertisement. The advertisement is targeted towards the audience who are beer drinkers.


The ad is targeted towards the audience who want to explore the mysteries of the world. It is a two-minute ad but it says a lot to its audience. It conveys lot of messages. First of all the ad features the evergreen and famous actor Rutger Hauer. The actor has been used to portray that just like his acting, Guinness beer is also timeless. The audience at which the ad has been targeted is definitely inspired by Rutger Hauer’s personality. The actor has been basically used to personify the beer brand. The actor is dressed in black from head to toe which is a symbol of mystery. The actor projects a cool and mysterious image, making the beer brand seem cool and mysterious. The featuring of Rutger Hauer embodies all the dark and mysterious qualities that are synonymous with the brand image (COMPUTER ARTS. 2008) The ad gives a message of socializing and also that Guinness beer is good for health. It conveys a message that with Guinness the target audience can unfold the mysteries and dark secrets of the world. In addition a lustrous field of barley is shown in the advertisement which shows that Guinness beer is brewed from the finest barley crop. It convey a message, that people who do not get time to socialize can actually make time to interact with people while having a pint of Guinness beer. At 0:35 in the ad Rutger stops a moving needle of a watch and says “Talk amongst yourselves. ...
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