Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction Strategy

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Incorporating Integrated Marketing Communication to Value Customers Satisfaction Introduction With the emergence of new media technology, companies have utilized the coordination of traditional media and interactive media in their marketing campaign. The integration of different media approach is called integrated marketing communications (IMC).


However, with the incorporation of IMC, the marketers have perceived that an effective strategy relies on the integration of messages into various media. Nowadays, online marketing has been widely used by marketing teams due to the consumers’ demand for technology. Traditional media such as newspaper and magazine have low market share and audience reach when compared to interactive media. Thus, the advertisers rely mostly in online advertisements to reach diversified users as part of the company’s marketing goals. This paper analyzes the advertising strategy of Nike Incorporated in the IMC perspective. It examines the alignment of marketing goals to the marketing strategies of the company that aim to satisfy the consumers with their products and services. Furthermore, this will entail the method of measuring the effectiveness of advertising and the level of customer’s satisfaction. Organizational Background Nike is a Greek goddess that signifies victory. Indeed, the brand name is known for its high quality products in the area of sports. Before Nike originated, the business name was Blue Ribbon Sports which was established by American manufacturers in January 25, 1964. Nike is focused on marketing the sports categories including apparel, equipment, footwear, and accessory products. ...
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