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Marketing in Practice----Assignment Title: Marketing Campaign for Ocean Spray

Creativity plays a key role in the invention process of a new product. Creativity is the heart of innovation and innovative capabilities and with successful innovation organization positively contributes towards revenue generation (Krätke, 2012, p.3). new product development is often said to be the lifeblood for a company and is especially true in the modern world with many competitors in one field (Annacchino, 2003, p. 17) to Ocean Sprays is also known for its innovation and creativity which adds on to the strength of the company is a major contributing factor towards the success of the company. It has catered to the problem of opening lid and has planned to introduce its new ‘OrbitTM Easy Open’ lid. Ocean Spray plans to organise a promotional campaign which will take place in the Taste of London Christmas Exhibition.
Ocean Spray has planned to conduct a promotional campaign to promote its re-launching of “premium new jar”. For this it plans to organise a promotional stand in Taste of London Christmas Exhibition. The product decided for the re launch of Whole berry cranberry sauce and Smooth cranberry sauce which will be made available in a new jar of 250g jar with easy open lid (Marian, 2011). According to survey conducted by Ocean Spray 40% of the women about 40 plus age group, struggled to open the traditional jar. A new innovation in the category of glass jar lids has bought on a kind of relief who mainly relies on hot water, dish towels, in opening process of the jar. This mechanism which was coined by Crown Holdings Inc, had reduced the effort which was required to pen the jar. The appearance of the new lid is somewhat similar to the normal twist lid. The survey conducted found that Orbit lid was much easier to open than a normal jar out of the 100 respondent 85 of them considered it to be ‘much easier’ (Packaging World, 2012). therefore this was proved that the open lid would satisfy the customers and would ...
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The company provides a huge range of products in its portfolio and claims to be innovative with respect to its products. This case deals with the introduction of…
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