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Marketing Practices in China Objectives The purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the emerging markets the Chinese community is venturing into when doing business. It closely examines three articles from two business publications, the Financial Times and the Forbes Magazine.


Introduction The research paper uses three articles from two international business magazines with bases in China to help determine their marketing practices. These articles are the Financial Times’ focus on HNA’s group international marketing activities by Jeremy Lemer and Simon Rabinovitch. They both report from two different places, New York and Beijing respectively. The Forbes magazine publishes an article that focuses on Chinese brands and their likelihood of success. This article is done by the reporter Marc Worth of Forbes magazine in Beijing. The final article also comes from the Forbes magazine from their writer Ucilia Wang in Beijing. It examines the opposition that Chinese trade encounters from their competitors in the global market. The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of China’s trade policies around the globe. It will also establish the strategies that the firms in the country are using to market themselves (Reuvid 48). This leaves the reader to ponder over the question as to whether the Chinese are using fair or unfair methods in marketing their products. The article from the Financial Times examines the activities of the HNA business group of China. The group is the first investment company from China to start purchasing property around the world. ...
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