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Marketing Case Study: Nordstrom Name Institution Marketing Case Study: Nordstrom Retail trade involves the final stage in the market chain that entails selling finished products or services to the final consumer. Nordstrom is a retail trader characterized by having many diverse departments under one roof and thus an example of a departmental store like Boscov's, Dillard's, JCPenney, and Lord & Taylor among others.


Nordstrom, like other departmental stores has a central management in Downtown Seattle, Washington with stores spread in many other states. Another defining characteristic of Nordstrom as a departmental store is its high level of customer service, though this comes at a price, making Nordstrom products and services more expensive than in other retail outlets. Customer Service Nordstrom has cultivated a culture of full customer service whereby all the firm’s employees know the true meaning of putting customers first. First, important customers are identified, served well, and measures put in place to ensure they return over and over again to give Nordstrom business. The first measure is sparing no efforts to ensure that the customer leaves the premises with maximum satisfaction. In addition to acquiring goods, the customer gets high quality service utility. Secondly, business cards are exchanged between the customer and the sales person that they interact with. This ensures that the sales person has complete control of this relationship that is free from interference by the management. This sales representative acts as the link between Nordstrom and its customers, with only a rule stating that the former uses their best judgement to ensure customer satisfaction. ...
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