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Catholic Charities - Essay Example

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Catholic Charities – Cafod Introduction According to the Cafod 2011 report and the Bishop of Hallam , its chair We act before a crisis by working with communities to reduce the risks of disaster. We act quickly during an emergency to help those in urgent need…

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Catholic Charities

Two years later the organization was officially launched as a Catholic charity. There has been massive development since those early days - the aims being to alleviate poverty and to bring justice. It is interesting that in an organization which in those days was perhaps even more an hierarchically male dominated church than it is today, it took women, seeking an effective role in the church, to come up with this idea. A few years later 1969 Pope Paul VI spoke out on the topic of poverty:- If the church has any preference at all, it is for the poor, for the education of little ones and of the people, for the care of the suffering and the abandoned. Such acts of charity had always gone of course, based upon passages such as Matthew 25 v 40 ‘ I tell you the truth , whatever you did for the least of these my brothers of mine, you did for me.’ In Pope Paul’s encyclical of 1967 ‘Populorum Progressio’ was circulated , its topic being the development of people. In 1971 2 further Vatican documents reinforced the need for intervention – ‘A Call to Action’ and ‘Justice in the World.’ The former encouraged grass roots action and the latter was concerned with environmentalism and civic participation. ...
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