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Literature review
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Subject: Marketing Topic: Marketing Literature Review Student’s Name: Grade course Tutor’s Name Date Marketing Literature Review on Product Placement Introduction The literature review will analyze the development of product placement or advertisement in different countries at different times.


Also, the study analyzes how product placement is utilized in different TV shows and movies in, different countries. Also, the literature review will look at the effects of the product placement on the consumer behavior and how likely are the product placement to change consumers mode of buying a certain commodity. It is crucial for people to know how to use product placement positively (Johnson, 2009). Product placement is the use of diverse types of media to make people conscious of different products and services when they are entertained through watching. Its development dates back upto 1896, when it was used by Lumiere brothers in their short film “washing day in Switzerland” and they advertised soap. It was introduced by Henri Lavancy who was the film director and publicist for the soap company but, it became popular in the 1930’s when the sound movie was introduced. For example, in 1934 in the movie, “It happened One Night,” the star Clarke Gable featured bare chest and sale of men’s shirts reduced; therefore, use of the movie is a strong tool of product placement (Johnson, 2009). It gained popularity with the years, but in 1980’s, it became more successful when the movie “Extra Terrestrial” by Steven Spielberg advertised Reese Pieces and increased its sales by 65%. ...
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