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THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Name Course Professor Date Coca-Cola Company mission The consumer packaged product under evaluation is the Coca-Cola Zero. The product is of interest because it among the company’s most successful products in the market. The Coca-Cola Company produces the product to increase its sale in the competitive beverage market.


The mission statement acts as a guide to the company’s decision making. In the mission statement, an overall summary of the goals of the organization is stated. The mission statement for Coca-Cola Company aims at creating value for the goods produced by the company so that they can be differentiated from other producers in the market. Coca-Cola Company strives to refresh the customers and instigate moments of happiness and optimism. The mission statement ensures that the company maintains quality production standard using innovation to ensure that the company stays ahead of the competition (Moses, 2010). The products produced by the company are marketed using the mission statement in mind. The product content, product design, and targeted market support the company’s mission. With the changes in the technological sector, the quality of products with regards to the design and the content is constantly changing. Dietary problems in the globe with cases associated with calories being on the increase, the company’s focus on health products has enabled it to retain its market share (Theodore, 2009). Coca-cola Company’s goals The soft drink company has goals that it has set for ensuring continuous growth in the market. ...
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