Planet Starbuks: Caffeinating the World

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A Case Study Assignment Planet Starbucks: Caffeinating the World. Students Name Department Course Grade Tutor’s Name 23rd November 2011 Introduction Planet Starbucks is a Seattle, Washington-based coffee company. Its core activities involve buying, roasting and selling whole bean specialty coffees and coffee drinks all over its global network chain of retail outlets.


The initial idea in the mind of the pioneers of coffee shops was creating what they termed as America’s “third place” after one home and place of work. The success of this international company has attracted global attention. From the case study under consideration, it is evident that Starbuck has consistently been growing and is considered among the fastest developing companies within the USA. This paper aims at evaluating the marketing strategies; Starbuck has utilized to achieve the unequalled success in the United States. The Success of Starbucks Marketing Strategy in the United States Perfect implementation and prompt execution of a strategic plan are essential for the success of any company. Having an ideal or highly sought after product does not mean achieving the best, but how well positioned the organization is to the target market and to implementing proper marketing strategies to ensure successful marketing of the products (Bhaskar et al. 2009). Starbuck has successfully convinced its consumers, that they not only provide coffee, but also possess a wide range of experience that they indulge in the everyday task of satisfying their customers (Bhaskar et al. 2009). ...
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