KONE: The MonoSpace Launch in Germany

KONE: The MonoSpace Launch in Germany Essay example
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Last name, first name Course: Date of Submission: KONE: The MonoSpace Launch in Germany Problem statement: Product: KONE’s new product, MonoSpace is a revolutionary product, but seems less promising in terms of acceptability in shorter span. This product is suitable only for 8-person and 13-person elevators with operating speed of one meter per second usable in buildings less than 12 floors.


Seventy-five percent of low-rise buildings did not predict change of elevator units post 1995. Demand for new equipment seemed almost nil considering high capacity and commercial high-rise buildings. Price: Suggested price for MonoSpace is higher than existing low-rise elevators. However, in Germany, most part of the construction industry (80%) is highly fragmented, with about 20,000 small contractors competing for construction projects and the rest controlled by larger contractors. Secondly, their competitive bidding process for construction equipment and material focused on reducing the prices further. This would reduce sales of MonoSpace further because most of the business lies with small contractors in Germany that would not prefer highly priced KONE product. Promotion: MonoSpace’s positioning strategy is not compelling to customers. Too many marketing resources are at disposal for this product; however, this product is aimed at specific customer segment, the construction industry comprising of builders, contractors and developers. New construction as well as buildings under renovation would be their potential business spots. ...
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