Marketing Function and Strategy Audit

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Market Function and Strategy Audit Name Professor Institution Course Date Market Function and Strategy Audit SUPERVALU is one the biggest grocer companies in the United States of America. It serves customers through a system of store brands. Examples of these stores include ACME, Albertsons, farm fresh Cuds and Shoppers among others.


Market SIPERVALU offers comprehensive services that aid grocery retailers through highly creative merchandising and marketing approaches. The management groups help the grocery customers address its competitors and enhance merchandising practices with greater consumer insight. Mission SUPERVALU’s mission is to serve consumers to their best level. They aim at satisfying the customers with quality products and services. Therefore they provide a variety of products in order to satisfy consumer’s diverse needs. In addition, they have created numerous ways of ensuring that consumers are well served and satisfied. Some of these strategies include, selecting effective associates, trading partners, quality retails and on time carriers that transport the products to the market. Objectives and goals SUVERVALU’s goal is to deliver a variety of goods and services to its customer, and as fresh as possible. The company believes in full commitment of serving its customers excellently compared to their competitors. The company holds that today accomplishment is simply the beginning of constant new achievements. Some of the company’s objectives include improving sustainable fisheries across the nation. They have vowed to enhance sustainable seafood through minimal fisheries. They have collaborated with other companies such as the MSC to support responsible fishing. ...
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