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Marketing Function and Strategy Audit - Article Example


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Marketing Function and Strategy Audit

Market SIPERVALU offers comprehensive services that aid grocery retailers through highly creative merchandising and marketing approaches. The management groups help the grocery customers address its competitors and enhance merchandising practices with greater consumer insight. Mission SUPERVALU’s mission is to serve consumers to their best level. They aim at satisfying the customers with quality products and services. Therefore they provide a variety of products in order to satisfy consumer’s diverse needs. In addition, they have created numerous ways of ensuring that consumers are well served and satisfied. Some of these strategies include, selecting effective associates, trading partners, quality retails and on time carriers that transport the products to the market. Objectives and goals SUVERVALU’s goal is to deliver a variety of goods and services to its customer, and as fresh as possible. The company believes in full commitment of serving its customers excellently compared to their competitors. The company holds that today accomplishment is simply the beginning of constant new achievements. Some of the company’s objectives include improving sustainable fisheries across the nation. They have vowed to enhance sustainable seafood through minimal fisheries. They have collaborated with other companies such as the MSC to support responsible fishing. They maintain local, state and federal health regulation rules. SUPERVALU monitors the supplies to ensure their compliance on the ongoing commitment

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of maintaining acceptable animal welfare practice. The company has developed a cross-functional customer interest board. The council advises SUPERVULU on animal’s welfare (Laster, 1998). Customers SUPERVALU has numerous customers across America. The first division of its customers includes those who always obtain the goods at first hand from the company. The second category consists of the consumers, who enjoy the company’s products and services. The customers range from supply chain services such as wholesale stores that distribute goods to independent retailers, to retail shops then direct consumers. The wholesale stores acquire the goods from company in bulk quantities and at wholesale price. These include single, and multiple store, regional and national store retailers, which then supplies , and military customers also acquires the goods from the wholesale distributors. In addition, the mass merchants and direct consumers, also acquires goods from the whole sale distributors then supplies them direct consumers. Competitors The major competitor of Competitors of SUPERVALU Company is the Krogers grocery store chain Company. It is second largest grocery company, it majorly centralized in downtown Cincinnati. Kroger runs 40 million manufacturing firms, packages and sells goods for other retailers under Inter –American Company identity. Other competitors comprises of Safeway Company, Grocery Stores and the Wall-Mart Stores companies. The company operates sells the same products like those of SUPERVALU. The products range from food wholesalers, drug, and Grocery stores, logistic services, and transportation services among others ( Bennett, 2009) Products SUPERVALU Together with its holdings runs retail food stores in America. The stores offer numerous goods and services to the customers. They encompass grocery, health, fuel, pharmacy and beauty products. The company also offers logistic support to the


Market Function and Strategy Audit Name Professor Institution Course Date Market Function and Strategy Audit SUPERVALU is one the biggest grocer companies in the United States of America. It serves customers through a system of store brands. Examples of these stores include ACME, Albertsons, farm fresh Cuds and Shoppers among others…
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Marketing Function and Strategy Audit essay example
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