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PepsiCo Strategic Analysis [Student name] [Course title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Contents Contents 2 Introduction 4 Company Background 5 Market Overview 5 PepsiCo’s Stakeholders 6 External Environmental Analysis: PEST Analysis 6 Political Factors 6 Economical Factors 7 Social Factors 7 Technological Factors 7 Internal Environmental Audit: SWOT Analysis 8 Strengths 8 Weaknesses 8 Opportunities 9 Threats 9 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 9 Existing position of Rivals 10 New Entrants 10 Substitute Products 11 Buyer Power 11 Supplier Power 11 Current Strategies of PepsiCo and their Impact on Performance 12 Pricing Strategy 14 Placing Strategy 15 Promotional Strategy 15 Supply Chain Management


In this regard, PepsiCo has been selected as target organization, which will be utilized as a case study to understand its marketing efforts and the benefits it gains from these marketing efforts. After providing a brief introduction to the organization, author presents the corporate objectives of PepsiCo in UK, market summary, company’s vision and mission, the major stakeholders of the company, internal and external environmental analysis with the help of strategic tools. The strategic analysis of PepsiCo’s position in the market place will enable the researcher to develop strategies like differentiation and the utilization of marketing mix to develop new products and markets for further penetrating into the markets. Introduction In this paper, the researcher will analyze PepsiCo’s strengths and weaknesses and whether the marketing environment within and outside the organization is favoring it or not. ...
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