PESTLE and Marketing Strategies

PESTLE and Marketing Strategies Essay example
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PESTLE and Marketing Strategies
Nestle's marketing strategies differ across the globe and the success of its numerous brands at the international scale demonstrates the insight of the business maxim that local is global.


They note that the external environment impacts the following: customers, industry, competitors, government, and regulating bodies. Choosing the best marketing mix requires aligning external realities and the internal resources and capabilities of the organisation (Needham and Dransfield 2000, p.305). Dickinson and Ramaseshan (2008) agree with Needham and Dransfield (2000), but the former also emphasise that other factors also impact marketing strategy, such as the company's cooperative arrangements. This report believes that a company cannot generate effective marketing strategies, if it is only focused on its internal environment in planning these strategies. It must consider the external business environment, so that it can respond to the threats and challenges that are embedded in the outside world. Nevertheless, it does not postulate that only the external environment can assure the success of a firm's marketing strategy. Other factors will also impact the outcome of marketing strategies. One important framework for analysing the external environment is through the PESTLE analysis. This report will use PESTLE analysis on Abu Dhabi, where its main goal is to help Nestle generate a marketing mix that will introduce a new line of food product for toddlers. ...
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