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Marketing of General Electrics

The focus in this paper is on marketing as a wider sphere that encompasses all of the most crucial aspects like increasing the visibility of the products and therefore increasing the sales to a great extent. There is no hard and fast rule available when it comes to marketing and one needs to be aware that a thorough watch of the market and the events surrounding that is what is needed in order to gain maximum benefit out of it. In the business arena, a good marketing is definitely a must and without marketing even the finest of products and services will not be able to get the results and attention on the whole. A competitive advantage is something every business will look forward to and it is through marketing can a business attain the essential reach. Decisions making is an important aspect of marketing and is a determining factor of a business to a great extent. It is a process through which the consumer opts to go for a particular product or services which they have got used to with time. The concept of decision making is very crucial and is a winning point for any product in the competitive world. If a deeper look into decision making is taken it is a kind of psychological feeling or attachment that one gets towards a particular products or brand overall. It is a common thing in the marketing sphere for people to get attached to particular brands or products rather than other factors. If they are convinced of the fact that a particular brand will always provide quality product or service then consumers will go for it irrespective of all other available options. ...
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In this paper the researcher looks at the strategies followed in decision making by reputed brands on their products. A more comprehensive study regarding the company, its initiatives and services that keeps things working the right way is discussed in the paper…
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