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Ethel's Chocolate Lounges Case Studies - Term Paper Example


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Ethel's Chocolate Lounges Case Studies

For example, a simple product such as toothpaste has been segmented into whether you want fresh breath, herbal, fluoride, flavored and some other kinds as well. In fact marketers are adept at anticipating and creating needs where there are none. The case of Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges seem to be an effort to revive the experience of the exclusive and upscale 17th century London chocolate shop. TYPE OF CONSUMER BUYING DECISION Consumers buy for a variety of reasons. They can buy out of habit, or due to being made aware of a product by another user who is a friend, colleague or opinion leader they can trust. Consumers also tend to buy to reduce buying dissonance when an advertised and tried product does not meet their expectations. Or they can simply buy to try out a new variety of product line from a brand they know and appreciate, or try a new brand just to see how it tastes or feels. The advertisements, the feel, the packaging or the recommendation of popular brands by office colleagues and neighbors is often enough to help make the decision (Lamb et al., 2011). Sometimes we don’t want to be left out- we want to conform to society and have a buying experience just so we can compare notes or make comments. I would imagine that trying out Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges could be an experiment just to savor the experience and the feel of being in a 17th century chocolate house, to mix with the upper classes or have a similar experience as theirs. It will definitely not be a habitual decision but

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one that is made once in a while, for the variety of the experience. FACTORS INFLUENCING A CONSUMER TO SPEND MONEY AND TIME AT ETHEL’S There could be a number of factors that could influence a consumer to spend time and money at Ethel’s. For one thing it is the ambience of being inside an Ethel’s chocolate shop, where time is not important and you can savor the chocolate delicacies while you talk about everything and nothing in particular. People these days-especially the young crowd and the upwardly mobile in their professions- want to be seen as part of successful society and frequent places used by the elite of society- if they can have access to them. Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges offer such an opportunity. Further it is seen that most of the business deals are taking place out of the offices, on the golf course, in hotel lounges and dining rooms, and Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges can be one such venue as well. The consumer who gets a business deal done at Ethel’s will likely be very glad that such a venue exists. He can impress his wife, his family, or his boss at different days and times at the same venue. For females, who love both chocolate and chit-chat, Ethel’s is definitely the place to be some social evenings (Lamb et al., 2011). THE FACTOR THAT I THINK WILL MOST MOTIVATE A CONSUMER The customers will mostly be motivated by the social factor- being able to relax and enjoy the experience of tasting and indulging in the gourmet chocolate experience. They can conduct business, enjoy a social evening or impress friends and neighbors by taking them out to Ethel’s. Besides it is a noticeable fact that people tend to enjoy more sweets and chocolates in a depressed economy, as these give them a good feeling. Spending time at Ethel’s while engaged in chit chat and enjoying the delectable chocolates would be a good experience once in a while. In fact,
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Ethels Chocolate Lounges Case Studies
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