Marketing Events Plan for Ocean Spray

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Marketing Events Plan for Ocean Spray Author December 4, 2011 I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Ocean Spray is set to embark in another marketing milestone. After decades of being a market leader, both in the US and in the UK market, it is ready to shift gears and introduce to the market another innovation in cranberry production and distribution.


However, it will take the management team various processes to come up with an effective marketing event strategy. From market and situational analysis, to planning, execution and even up to event evaluation, the marketing communications team has to pay attention to every detail, be conscious of market and competitor trends to be able to position the improved category accordingly. Taste of Christmas in one of the channels that management is tapping to assist them into achieving their business and corporate objectives. Ocean Spray’s participation in this popular event is seen as a milestone and a major stepping stone towards further market advantage. II. INTRODUCTION Ocean Spray’s monumental re-launch of its cranberry sauce line is all set to happen this December. Having completed its Product Development in the third quarter of this year, and its complete production this November, the company is ready to introduce to the market its improved product line – the all new Wholeberry and Smooth Cranberry Sauce in the new Orbit™ Easy open lid. Part of its Marketing Communications Plan is a massive and country wide re launch implementation that will encompass both above the line and below the line marketing efforts. ...
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