What are the Marketing-Related Problems of Apple

What are the Marketing-Related Problems of Apple Essay example
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Marketing Problems Student Name Instructors Name Course University Date of Submission Marketing-related Problems faced by Apple Apple is a world renowned company. It provides its customers with innovative products and is always working uptight to keep up with its innovation.


Marketing is an important tool because it helps in boosting up the sales of the brand. It also helps to create the brand image in the minds of the consumers. In case of Apple marketing holds a very great importance because it has not only helped in creating the strong brand image of Apple but has contributed immensely to bridge the gap between the customers and the products offered by Apple. Apple has strong marketing practices but it is true that there are some problems associated as well. The first problem is related to the high innovation rate at Apple. Customers expect innovative products from Apple. But the problem that lies in is that the ads made by Apple usually do not provide the relevant information about the new innovations that have taken place. The ads project the product but do not project its essence and history or information. Customers know that the company is providing with fancy and expensive products and are lost in the charm of owning such products. Most of the customers are least concerned about what the product is all about. But there are customers who want to know each and every detail of the product. So this poses a challenge for Apple to come up with a marketing strategy which could satisfy both type of the consumers. It causes a problem because Apple cannot afford to lose any one segment just because of the risky marketing. ...
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