Product and Place with Nutritional Supplements

Product and Place with Nutritional Supplements Assignment example
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Name: Institution: Individual Project Principles of Marketing Date: Abstract This paper is an assessment of various distribution channels through which goods and services are marketed. The paper describes what a distribution channel is and it classifies distribution channels into: direct and indirect distribution channels.


Product and Place with Nutritional Supplements Introduction Product, place (distribution), promotion and price are the four most important marketing considerations. According to Nevin, the nature of a product and how it appeals to customers determine its marketability. The distribution of the product in the market can be done selectively, exclusively or over a large area depending on the choice of the producer. The sale of the product is also influenced by its price and consumers probably go in for cheaper products. Moreover, customers tend to be attracted by marketers who give them appropriate promotions (Nevin, 2002). 1.) An Overview of Distribution Channels A distribution channel can be defined as a pathway through which goods and services move from the producer to the consumer (Frazier & Summers, 2000). It involves all the institutions through which goods and services must pass from the point of their production to the point of their consumption (Kerin, Hartley & Rudelius, 2011). Lyndon and Sally argue that any meaningful definition of a distribution channel should include the flow of payments (generated from the sale of goods and products) from the consumer to the producer (Lyndon & Sally, 1998). ...
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