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Health Care Marketing Reflection

This assignment looks into healthcare marketing techniques and trends; it also focuses on the possible impact on consumer trends.
Nowadays, the healthcare industry is a fast changing sector coupled with increased awareness among consumers. The advent of Information Technology and particularly the internet has led to easier access of information by consumers. Equally, consumers demand better provision of services and a variety of choices in delivery of healthcare. Adequate marketing is, thus, crucial to achieve the organization’s goals in a fast paced world.
Marketing involves all those activities geared towards the achievement of long term goals while also looking into the needs of the parties involved and the provision of goods or services better than the competitors. Utility and satisfaction of the wants of the parties involved is achieved after a thorough analysis. In an organization, integrated marketing presents a challenge for the staff members from the top most to the custodians in satisfying particular needs correctly at the correct price and place (Eckrich& Schlesinger, 2011).
In view of the changes taking places in the online media, effective pharmaceutical marketing would have to integrate the use of the internet besides the other traditional media. The online media is an integrated system with easier channels of communication. The contents in websites ought to be user friendly to their target audience for better user satisfaction. Strategies in the social media should also be integrated with the traditional media and their monitoring done thereafter.
Healthcare marketing is effective in influencing marketability of brands. Through the social media, there is the creation of a strong online presence and creating powerful brands and good relationships. There are better opportunities for consumer preference especially among the youth when a brand is viewed favorably. Bad comments and reviews can be quickly picked up by other online users leading ...
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With the dual issues of a weak economy and need for healthcare reform, politicians, citizens and health care providers have advocated that the healthcare industry should effectively market their goods and services. Some people argue that the health care industry is vital to the…
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